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On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the IKI funded project “NDC Transport Initiative for Asia (NDC-TIA)” would like to highlight some inspirational stories of Vietnamese women who have successfully overcome gender challenges to thrive in their careers in the male-dominated field, the transport sector. Their truly inspirational stories showcase that gender should never hinder anyone’s potential.

Together, let’s unite in our efforts to pave the way for a future where each individual, regardless of gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation, has equal opportunities to maximize their potential to foster a sustainable and inclusive world.



“Keep dreaming and dream big”

Nguyen Thi Kim Lien

Vice President of Da Nang City’s Association for Women Entrepreneurs

Director of An Dien General Trading Company Limited

Director of Michelin car tyres Service centre


The Transport sector is open to individuals of all genders, not limited to men

Men enjoy greater benefits and more advantageous circumstances in the transport industry compared to women. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that when women set clear goals and are committed to achieving them, they can match and even surpass men. While our journey may not be as swift as that of men, I am confident that with determination, we will undoubtedly reach our destination. Personally, I am convinced that once I am resolute in following my chosen path, it will be a sustainable and fulfilling journey for me.

Balancing the pressure

As a female professional, I acknowledge the potential existence of workplace limitations. However, embracing the belief that no job is exclusively for either gender, I entered my profession with assurance and a positive attitude. Each passing day adds to my reservoir of knowledge and experience. Recognising the inevitability of pressure in this field, I approach it with a composed mindset, consistently seeking solutions to gracefully navigate challenges. I view pressure as a valuable tool for self-development, contributing to my maturity and resilience in the professional realm.




“Embrace and assert your identity”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Cuc

Professor at University of Transport and Communications (UTC)

Head of Women Union, UTC Labour Union


Turning challenges into opportunities

In today’s society, every woman has success, whether in raising children or in her career. Success is when one pursues a passion or simply overcomes oneself. To me, success is a journey, not a destination. If we treat it as a destination, we might lose the drive to keep pushing forward once we reach it. And challenges are part of that journey. Looking back on the paths I’ve taken, I realized that the difficulties I encountered were opportunities for me to affirm myself. I want to convey this message to all women: “Don’t see challenges as obstacles but rather as opportunities to explore your capabilities and assert yourself!”

Honouring the contributions of individuals to society and the community

Women today are increasingly empowered to pursue education and assert their positions in society. Many excel in fields previously assumed to be male-dominated, such as science, politics, etc. Therefore, I hope society will soon blur the gender lines because when it comes to professions, there should be no distinction between men and women. Let’s honour the contributions of individuals to society and the community.




“Perfection is not innate, but by consistently working towards personal growth, pushing past gender obstacles, we can attain meaningful outcomes, particularly for women.”

Dr. Pham Thi Hue

Professor at University of Transport and Communications


The most fulfilling aspect of the current job

The most fulfilling aspect of my current job is teaching students majoring in Technology and Environmental Management, as well as students in engineering majors at the University of Transport and Communications.

Engaging in this work not only helps nurture and equip students with knowledge and skills for environmental protection duties but also enables me to share invaluable insights gained from my engagement in local and global projects. This, in turn, contributes to the post-graduation development and resilience of my students.

Women can overcome any obstacles to pursue their passions

In contemporary society, women engage in both economic development pursuits and have a burden of managing households and caring for children. Nevertheless, this double burden does not imply that women are solely suited for less demanding administrative tasks and unsuitable for high-tech jobs.

From my personal experience, I believe that with determination, effort, and proper training, women are entirely capable of excelling in roles demanding advanced technical expertise.




“Women, let’s keep moving forward”

Phan Ngọc Bích

Principal Official

Legal – Science & Technology Department, Vietnam Register, Ministry of Transport


The role of women in society is increasingly prominent

In the contemporary context, women are progressively establishing their presence and influence in society. There is a noticeable rise in the participation of girls in technical school entrance exams, indicating a growing interest in fields requiring advanced technical skills. Women are increasingly securing positions in professions demanding high technical expertise, as evidenced by numerous women holding managerial and technical roles within working groups at VAMA (Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association). Consequently, the outdated perceptions that associate women solely with manual or light administrative jobs and men exclusively with technical fields are no longer applicable in today’s socio-economic landscape. Moreover, our policy framework emphasizes gender integration in the development of legal norms, underscoring the commitment to achieving gender equality goals.

Pursuing your dream career

As you embark on the path to your dream job and encounter gender obstacles, keep in mind that it’s a challenging journey, yet it presents an opportunity for personal growth and self-validation. Have confidence in your capabilities and refuse to be hindered by gender stereotypes. Establish definite goals and persist in their pursuit, regardless of the challenges that may arise.

Continuously strive to enhance your professional skills and simultaneously cultivate a social network, aligning with individuals who share your vision to enrich your journey. Embracing risks and pursuing your aspirations can lead to success in your career. Subsequently, challenges will serve as motivation, propelling you to seize additional opportunities in the future.

Bear in mind that breaking through gender barriers requires patience and unwavering determination. Pursue long-term goals that ignite your passion, enabling you to discover your authentic self within your chosen career path.

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